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2000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
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3000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
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3500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$7.28 / $6.93
4000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$8.32 / $7.92
4500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$9.36 / $8.91
5000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$10.4 / $9.9
5500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$11.44 / $10.9
6000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$12.48 / $11.89
6500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$13.52 / $12.88
7000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$14.56 / $13.87
7500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$15.6 / $14.86
8000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$16.64 / $15.85
8500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$17.68 / $16.84
9000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$18.72 / $17.83
9500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$19.76 / $18.82
10000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$20.78 / $19.81
15000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$31.17 / $29.72
20000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$41.56 / $39.62
25000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$51.95 / $49.53
30000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$62.34 / $59.43
35000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$72.73 / $69.34
The Attention and Introduction when Buying Tree Of Savior Silver
new tos silver sell

Some TOS players are afraid of getting reported for buying Tree of Savior silver, and now we offer a new trade method which is 100% safe and fast for those who need silver to buy items in game.


The Advantage of the New Trade Method: 

1.Never get reported. 2. Save the 10%-30% Commission 3.Get the items instantly without waiting 48 hours retrieve time.


How does the New Trade Method work?

1. The item you want to get must be available to buy in the market.

2. Send us the screenshot of the item with its full name and price in the market, see the example below. You can use to upload your screenshot:

I want buy Items screenshot

3. We will buy this item by for you.

4. We will tell you a place to meet in the game and then trade that item to you.


Other Warm Tips:

1. The item price you write down should be same as the price in the screenshot .

2. If you want to get the token, it will work as the same way.

3. This method is suited for those who want us to help them buy an item or token in market.

4. You can contact our Livechat if you have any other question.


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  • @ lol
    25000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
    Like their lowest price! Mar/26/2017 18:56:00
  • @ Gertjaars
    3000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
    I love this site, 100% trustable! Mar/26/2017 07:35:30
  • @ Ben
    7500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
    thank you runeritch so much i order 3 mil and they got it done it in my acount in less then 48 hours and gave me a little extra and the customer service was great with the 24 help chat support i highly sugest this site to anyone and im letting all of my friends know thank you!!!! Mar/26/2017 05:19:03
  • @ Axel de la Torre
    5500 K TOS Silver On Orsha
    Awesome! this guys are great and fast Mar/26/2017 03:37:11
  • @ Shadi
    30000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
    Just searched at 20+ other gold selling sites, and ALL of them had more expensive gold!! THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BEST SITE!!! Mar/25/2017 19:30:16
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  • I will make it easy and short..Order now and get your gold at the same moment !! .. you will never regret it ^^
    Mar/23/2017 @ 5 stars service
  • Not much else to say about them they are fast and got good prices. If I need more gold I'll use them again no questions asked.
    Mar/21/2017 @ Good price and really fast
  • Quick, easy and trustworthy. Good communication and a stand out from other sites. Will shop again.
    Mar/19/2017 @ Recommended
  • Always fast. 5 min delivery time or less, also the online chat support is 24/7 and friendly. A++ will continue to use
    Mar/16/2017 @ Great service!
  • I have sold gold to them on multiple occasions, the first time was very scary but they did their best to reassure me.I have been selling to them on a biweekly basis, always get payment right after and it is always a smooth transaction.
    Mar/16/2017 @ Great company
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