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What does the Korean Community think about English Tree of Savior players?

Most of them have been friendly and accommodating in my experience. I have been in plenty of all Korean dungeon parties, never been an issue. so I was looking at some site that sells verified KR accounts for like 10 bucks, but they say that if it needs to be "reauthenticated" you're basically SOL. Do you know if I try to log into the game at my friends house then back at my own house, if I'd have that issue? Like, multiple computers. Or changing IP addresses, or anything at all?

If you have foreign IP connected out of Korean and always change continuously (using VPN or so) then re-verification will soon come and those accounts selling site won't be re-verify for you, hence you will just lost the account. Another scenario was another account that share the same phone verification get flagged by cheating tools or such and your account will also get re-verify thingy. The second one was happened to me but I'm quite sure about it.

What does the Korean Community think about English Tree of Savior players?

most of them are friendly. it happens to all nation, not just Koreans. say if the server primary launched at Japan, it is the same language barrier. half of them not likely to party with foreigners not because they hate you or dislike you. simple reason, they prefer to talk in hangug.

Well, the difference between playing other servers than KR is you actually have to be a Korean to play KR Games right? They require KSSN and En players uses other Korean's KSSN to play. I thought they'd be against that or something.

the players don't actually care of foreigners, unless you attempt something harmful to the game, then they might report at you. otherwise, i don't see Koreans anti foreigners so much.

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