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Tree of Savior Skill Attributes

Both yellow and red gets multiplied by skill attributes.


There are exceptions though. For example, if it's something like cloaking or split shot then only red will benefit.


I dont know whether transendence affects gems or not. I would assume no though.


I guess overall damage output?


Tree of Savior Skill Attributes


Just plain red gem value vs yellow gem value


For a red gem to give 3k attack from a base of 210 we have a few multipliers going on.


the first is critting: 1.5x

enhance attribute: assume max level 2x

we are left with some kind of multiplier that totals 5x. Easiest example would be snipe + butt stroke 3x * 2x

Taking all of that into consideration, then yes a red gem can boost damage by 3k, but don't let that fool you because a yellow gem would look exactly the same (3k boost from yellow as well).


Yellow gem. Technically, yes thats what the yellow gem does. Add a flat amount of damage after you crit. But that said amount is also multiplied by every modifier that comes later like skill/target/common/enhance modifiers. Just like red gems.


The reason why yellow gems are generally superior is that even when you multiply the red gem by 1.5 (crit) it equals to essentially the same amount as what a yellow gem gave you normally.


iirc, highlander crit atk passive is directly applied to the crit attack in your status window. I'm not 100% positive about this.


Epee guard is supposed to be a direct damage boost to crit damage. Something like normal crit damage 150%. Epee guard level 5 makes your crit damage to 250% or something similar. However, someone has been doing tests with it and says it goes under the common modifier category in which case is after crit attack.

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