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Tree of Savior History/Chronology Outline

Tree of Savior Lore


This is an attempt to classify and organize this game's lore in an organized and elegant manner. Later on I will add excerpts and summaries of what happened.


I will focus on Kadumel's era because there is a lot of information to create a synopsis, then I will move to several storylines that deserve merit and recognition. Arcs are divided in major arcs (significant events) and minor arcs (minor events.)


Tree of Savior History/Chronology Outline


If someone has something to add or if there's something I should fix, please let me know.


Klaipeda Arcs


Minor arcs:

-East Woods

-Miners' Village (Mirtis and Cunningham.)

-Pantos Behavior

-Karolis Arc

-Baron Allerno and farmers

-Shaton Family

-Bee Farms and Arable Fields (Goddess Austeja appears.)


Major arcs:


-Release of Goddess Saule (Veja Ravine, Cobalt Forest. etc.)

-Demon Prison District (Vakarine, Kupoles, and Hauberk.)


Nammott Sanctum Arcs


Minor arcs:

-Hauberk (expanded later on)



Major arcs:

-Fallen Legwyn Family

-Zeraha (Goddess Laima and Demon Lord Zaura.)

-Great Cathedral and Maven's teachings (Corruption of teachings.)

-Forests (Alemeth, Nahash and Elgos.)


Kirren Province Arcs


Major arcs:

-Ashaq Prison

-Jungle Arc and Novaha

-Delmore Manor


Fedimian Arcs


Minor arcs:

-Immigration Issues (First map.)

-Guards (Preparation for Ashaq Prison.)

-Fedimian Suburbs Lifestyle and History (Lydia Schaffen, Ruklys,Agatha Flurry and The Forgotten Thief.)

-Graveyards (Valius, Ritinis, and Mokusul.)

-The Ancient Garden

-Istora Ruins & Earth Tower


Major arcs:

-The Secret of King Zachariel (Gateway, following maps, Rukas, and Zachariel.)

-Mage Tower (Grita, Protector of the Mage Tower and Goddess Gabija.)


Kaliss Province Arcs


Minor Arcs:

-Carlyle's Mausoleum

-Ruins of Roxona

-Reconstruction Agency


Major Arcs:

-Bandits, Royal Army and Ruklys Army

-Petrifying Curse. 

-Fortress Ruins

-Revelation of Premier Eminence (Aftermath of Roxona Civil War)

-Faustas and Elluma


Basic Chronology (Major Events)



-Creation (goddesses, humans, other species)

-Slumber (One "world", many species living in harmony.)

-Discomfort/Fear (Demons were born.)

-Migration(Humans were scattered, Demons were envious.)

-Uncontrolled Tree Growth/Out of Control (Medzio Diena.)


Two Golden Era Periods

Roxona Civil War (Year 45X- ?)

-King Kadumel and Premier Eminent.

-Ruklys and Lydia: A Love Story.

-Rebellion in Kadumel.

-Fortress of the Land.



The Kingdom's Flag (Zachariel's Kingdom.)



-Golden Age/Divine Tree 

-Kingdom Relocation


Calamity and Aftermath


-Medzio Diena (1091)

-Destruction of Main Capital

-Remains (Orsha, Klaipeda, Fedimian.)

-The Four Heroes


-The Savior and Revelators (1095)


Other Mentions


-The Origins of Mana

-Usage of Surgery Tools


-Element Usage

-Lydia and Rumpelstiltskin

-Maven's Teachings

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