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Tree Of Savior Gem roasting fees & why theyre so expensive

So can someone explain why most gem roasters set absurd prices like 10k-15k when it cost 1x 3k Tree Of Savior Silver (Calcite) to do so? I understand the 50% tax involved so lets calc this. You spend 3k per calcite and charge 5k per roast (this is considering the cheapest ive seen usually 15k) The roast therefore cost 10k because of 50% tax. You make a sell. 10k minus 50% = 5k then discount 3k for calcite you just made 2k per gem for being afk.


Alright lets add the 15-20k normal prices seen. 15k - 50% = 7.5k - 3k =4.5k That's some fkn dough! But lets go at the first shop I ever used. 21.5k for a lv 4 roast. To simplify things we'll say it was 20k - 50% =10k - 3k =7k.


7k profit per gem for being afk.


Buffers I cant imagine make 1/3th the profit considering that also cost to do so.

squares repair prices are slightly understandable but still always laughable.


Ill get to the enchant weapon buffing later.....


I can understand 2k but 5-7k per gem roasted. You say its not commonly used and use that as the escuse but have you any idea just how many people play the game. Its not like only "1" person plays the game to use the service.


And for those stating "make your own" Ive actually already started a side alt just for roasting as the shop stays opened even when logged out. So while on my main I can be robbing people of 5-7k per roast and inadvertently charging them twice as much just so I can get more out of them.


My stand will be up in a week at 7k per roast permanently. This means end equation I will get 500 Tree Of Savior Silver profit per roast BUT that multiplies by insane amounts as atleast 1% of everyone online will use the service atleast once to learn what the service does and many more times near mid-end game to make a decent build without the penalties.


I dont use pots so i cant comment to it. But considering the hilarious prices people charge for almost useless barely worth it services I'm highly debating wasting the next few months to make one of each service and undercut the market bad enough that ill be the only shop. Since shops stay open while logged off I can set all shops up daily and go play the main.


At which point all services will be cheap for everyone and wont cost me a dime.


Most top players will gem roast everything to be the best which is about 3gems shirt 3 gems panties 2gems gloves 2 gems boots 3 gems shield/side and 3 gems weapon. This equates to 16 gems not counting 2nd & 3rd armor sets for those like myself who carry a different set for each occasion.


16 x 5k = 80k per that "1" person. And only that one time. not counting as they are leveling up to every major rank. I give it short time ill have 1k roasts.

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