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Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

Cryomancer, like in other MMORPG, is not a hard hitting mage class.  It utilizes crowd control abilities, which can be effective when clearing higher level dungeons with a party.


1. Ice Bolt

Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

- Ice Bolt deals about the same damage as Energy Bolt, but it hits harder on a target that is weak to ice.  

- Ice Bolt hits up to 3 enemies and it goes on cooldown(15s) after casting(2s) it 3 times.  

- Ice Bolt occasionally freezes enemy for 2s and it rarely freezes the boss.

- You are most likely going to master this skill since Cryomancer lacks damage spell.

- I strongly suggest mastering(level 5) Ice Bolt: Freezing Probability since it adds 50% freeze rate.


2. Ice Pike

Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

- This is Cryomancer's bread and butter skill.  So I strongly suggest maxing this skill first.

- Ice Pike damages everyone that stands in it's way and it freezes enemy more frequently than Ice Bolt.

- It going on cooldown(60s at level 1, 32s at max level)after casting it 2 times.

- It is most effective to combo with Ice Wall


3. Ice Wall

Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

- This is what seperates a good Cryomancer from a bad Cryomancer.  There is no point of playing Crymancer if you can't use this skill effectively.

- Rank it up to 6 walls.  Otherwise, it is a bit lackluster.

- Enemies touching the wall has a small chance to freeze.

- Enemies standing on the path of Ice Wall rises up with the wall.

- When attacked, Ice Wall deals AoE damage to enemies.

- The possibilities are endless.  You can trap enemies in the wall to set up for Ice Pike combo or just create an obstacle so you can loop around your enemies.



4. Ice Blast

Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

- Defrosts frozen enemies in front of you and deals a bit of damage.

- It goes on cooldown(about 60s) after casting(0s) it 3 times.

- There are some combo potential, but it is one of the weaker spells.  Can't say anything good about this spell.


5. Subzero Shield

Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

- Blocks any damage for 3 seconds and it may freeze attacking enemies.

- Level 1 is enough for this skill.

- It goes on cooldown(20s) after casting(0s) it 2 times.

- It is somewhat tricky to time.

- It doesn't have much use other than in boss battle.

- Not completely necessary skill to have, but useful none the less.


6. Gust

Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

- Knocks back (almost)everything in it's way!

- Level 1 is enough for this skill.

- It goes on cooldown(20s) after casting(0s) it 2 times.

- It can push back obstacles, bosses and cancel enemy spell.


7. Snow Rolling

Tree of Savior Future Cryomancers Exploring

- You can absorb enemies inside the snow ball by rolling over them and deal damage over time.  Of course, it can't trap bosses.

- It is advised to max this spell.

- It goes on cooldown(about 60s) after casting it once.

- For some reason, it can absorb traps and player made obstacles.  There is a bug where you can't move after absorbing Ice Wall.

- Do not use this spell against bosses.

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