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Tree of Savior Exorcist Damage Analyze

There will be a new class - Exorcist in Tree of Savior, which will be your new cleric choice on your next trip. And some player would ask whether this is a class that has high DPS? Or is it just a support class? Tosgold will tell you all the details you want to know about Exorcist.


Tree of Savior Exorcist Damage Analyze


Damage of Rubric at C1:

14 hits a 664% (level 5) = 9296%


Damage of Rubric at C2 without speed reading attribute :

14 hits a 804% (level 10) = 11256%


Damage of Rubric at C2 with speed reading attribute:

27 hits a 804% (level 10) = 21708%


Damage of Aqua Benedicta at C1:

20 hits a 258% (level 5) = 5160% per overheat, 15480% in total


Damage of Aqua Benedicta at C2, without Last Drop attribute:

20 hits a 313% (level 10) = 6260% per overheat, 18780% in toal


Damage of Aqua Benedicta at C2, with Last Drop attribute:

27 hits of 313% (level 10) = 8451% per overheat, 25353% in total


I still do not know if you'll be able to have a lot of cases of the final drop debuff on a single monster [knowing in the showcased videos, the debuff doesn't stack, so either waiting or else you have only 1 debuff going after using multiple Aqua Benedicta instances].


It's more prone to cause just one last drop debuff per 3 overheats [unless of course, you ruin your DPS/stall it simply to obtain the 7 extra hits per overheat, which may take 3x 8,5 = 25,5 seconds, triggering the CD typically 17 seconds later],


which may lead to 20971% against bosses typically[ignoring enhancement attribute and elemental weakness].


Still, probably the most potent damage skills (otherwise the possibly most powerful one coming froma single Class) as it's simpler hitting than Sneaking Dying Charm and it has the benefit of the holy property. And this means you can still get Tree of Savior silver with hard working or just purchase it from Tosgold


It too features the equivalent hits ?à as Sneaking Dying Charm (20 pro overheat   7 additional in the end ran out) at level 16/17,


that makes it pretty solid when it comes to additional damage via Enchant Lightning/Fire/Blessing/Aukuras/Zendu/etc.


Koinonia appears probably the most interesting skill, though. A celebration mainly produced from Clerics with Exorcist within their builds could possibly deal great levels of damage with this particular skill


242% per ,4 seconds with 20 seconds duration is equivalent to 50 ticks, = 12100%[  extra damage every tick], that is augmented by skill level and also the Clerics within the party [somewhat much like Chorus or Banding skills in Ragnarok Online].


With 2x Exorcist, you could have 100% uptime of the damaging debuff, leading to a minimum of 36300% damage each minute.


Kabbalist C2 continues to be inside a bad position because you lose your C3 Class attributes, bending Ein Sof (really helpful should you macro the attribute, you are able to refill your SP after which double your HP using the second instance), Gevura.


Nahash at level 5 isn't even worth mentioning, it's 5125% damage(level 5)?-


Well, when you get Exorcist, you don't need to bother about that, though. Rubric and Aqua Benedicta bring far more damage than you could ever imagine.on Kabbalist with less investment.


I'm really thinking about going Exorcist C1 over Kabbalist C3 and readding C3 at Rank 10 [or going Exo C2 and readding Kabba C3 at R11 or R12] because this game doesn't really reward me to be tanky.


Also, non-holy skills simply suffer an excessive amount of from being weak against most endgame monsters.


Sure, gimmicky farming with Damballa   Gevura or Effigy  Double Chance is great, however, it doesn't really


bring something useful personally towards the table. I don't take part in the game to ensure that others have some fun and that I obtain the short stick.


And somewhat this update nailed the coffin on Kabbalist. Another Heal? No thanks.


When the others die at e.g. Velcoffer or Demon Lords, it's not my fault. Shifting the culprit and weakness onto Cleric support may be the eternal bane from the RPG.


I don't wish to continue doing this experience I've from Dragon Nest along with other MMORPGs where I only performed Cleric since i like as being a tanky character that may heal itself. I didn't listen to it to wipe someones behind[essentially exactly what the Monk master Taomun states in Ragnarok Online].

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