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Tree of Savior Beginner Guide 2018

Hey, you boys and girls, welcome to TosGold, long time no see. If you are new players to Tree of Savior, you may meet some questions when you starting this game, so we will bring you this beginner guide for all of you players. What's more, you can buy tos silver and items from us, you will find we are your best friends in the game.


So what exactly is there to understand like a new Tree of Savior player? A great deal, however, many questions show up greater than others. Below are great tips for brand new players to create things simpler throughout the first area of the game.


Tree of Savior Beginner Guide 2018


Can you really change classes, or respec skills or stats?


They are oft-requested questions in the community because respeccing is a factor modern MMORPGs are usually available to in some way. Tree of Savior, less.


Class decisions are permanent -- after you have selected a category, you cant ever return it.


There's presently not a way to respec stat points outdoors from the Stat Reset Concoction obtainable in the $49.99 Exclusive Access pack. IMC hasn't revealed when these can be accessed within the TP shop nor in-game.


Skill points could be respecced via Skill Reset Potions, that are present in the TP shop.


It is essential to plan your figures out in advance. The Skill Simulator on ToS Base provides you with all that you should plan your classes and talent points.


Beginning in Klaipeda nets more income and drops than Orsha, plus it's faster


That one really bummed me out because Klaipeda is really crowded and Orsha is much more easily organized, but after beginning a couple of figures between both I'm able to with confidence say figures beginning in Orsha obtain the short finish from the stick.


There are other substantial drops within the Klaipeda region. Gems and equipment drop much more frequently and you will find more chests to spread out outdoors of the with Collections. Monsters will also be simpler and you will find more quests to become done.


The main one help to beginning in Orsha over Klaipeda may be the town of Orsha itself is not as laggy as Klaipeda, but both are certain to be deathly packed come peak hrs publish-F2P launch.


Bounce between Klaipeda and Orsha's region quests to maintain the EXP train


At nearly level 40, figures both in regions are given the job of entering maps which are seven to ten levels greater compared to what they will be to progress the storyline. This really is intimidating, and even for good reason.


Both cities' story quests are for sale to all figures and you'll be able to do both on one character, effectively splitting your time and efforts backward and forward regions to level quicker than you'd just via grinding. Grinding is ok, but doing quests is when most players keep focus.


You are able to grab a Klaipeda or Orsha Teleport Scroll in the item merchant either in the city to warp towards the opposite city. Klaipeda's story quest could begin within the city itself, while Orsha's is during the beginning area (Note: This might change later, but continues to be my knowledge about the sport because it is).


Should you exhaust quests, you're ready to start an appropriately-leveled region


This type of ties into the above, but in different ways.


Some story quests are only going to appear in your Quest Log if you're within the map they begin in. For those who have exhaust story quests, browse the World Map on ToS Base and find out the next greater level map in the area you are in and go there. It's possible you'll visit a new story quest appear in your log.


Keep looking for oddly-colored mobs


If you notice a mob glowing Tos Silver, Gold, or blue-- kill it! These mobs internet you additional rewards for killing them.


Silver-glowing mobs drop lots of loot, gold-glowing mobs drop a good quantity of Silver, and blue-glowing mobs give extra EXP.


I haven't got any images on hands, but you know them if you notice them.


Buddies find a character slot


Essential never to forget. Character slots cost 33TP each.


Buddies occupy character slots because they may be transferred in one character to a different within the Lodge when you are one, effectively serving as a fish tank or DPS partner when adventuring.


Don't spend over our limits in your level 15 weapon and it is upgrades


Getting from around level 15 close to level 40 seems like it requires forever, but it is little difficulty whatsoever following a above advice to hop between regions to quest. Don't spend over our limits in your level 15 weapon.


Your Silver matters, and also the money you'd invest in a dolled up 15 weapon with upgrades are the best allocated to an amount 40 or 75 weapons and it is upgraded, especially level 75. And good weapons for your level aren't cheap, as well as their high upgrade prices.


You drop your gems whenever you die


Plus they disappear for too lengthy to go back to in which you died.


Keep the gems kept in storage to prevent losing these to some misfortune.


Absolutely do instanced dungeons


"I only bet additional numbers solo." Yeah, okay. Go play a singleplayer game, then.


Instanced dungeons in Tree of Savior, the very first being for level 50  and discovered in Tenet Garden, really are a huge supply of EXP, Silver, and equipment. Entering the amount 50 dungeons may take you up 10 levels or even more, particularly in a matchmaking party.



Parties made via matchmaker get massive EXP from dungeon mobs. Parties that contain a minimum of one of each and every primary class type (Archer, Wizard, Swordsman, Cleric) obtain a ton too, but less. Parties not fitting either of those criteria obtain the standard 100% EXP.


So how exactly does the category system work?


I am going into this inside a different article to describe it. Take a look at my intricacies to classes guide. I am also focusing on some overview guides for every class so beginners possess a better concept of what they are stepping into. Ambitious Wizards might want to browse the first overview guide on Wizards.


Speak with every NPC in the game


This does not really count for NPCs in metropolitan areas, but any NPC you discover while adventuring ought to be spoken to. How else are you going to get quests?


It is not as apparent when you begin in Klaipeda, but many quest-givers don't have markers in the spotlight nor over their heads. Rather, are looking for quests that old-fashioned way: exploring and speaking to anybody having an eco-friendly name (NPCs).


Players who begin in Orsha discover this pretty rapidly, and it is something which prevails through the entire game. Only story quest NPCs are marked automatically.


Hit anvils when upgrading your equipment


Case something newer and more effective players don't notice. When upgrading your equipment, you have to hit the anvil with fundamental attacks. Otherwise, your upgrade won't undergo.


Don't ignore Metabolic rate even when you are going full-on DPS


A well-balanced stat build is really a happy stat build. Mostly.


You will find stats classes you need to prioritize over others with a lengthy mile, but you need to remember Disadvantage (Metabolic rate). You'll need some health even if using a glass cannon build -- getting overwhelmed is simpler than you may think. Pop some things inside every now and then it'll (literally) save your valuable character's life.


Make use of your free TP every day


Tree of Savior gives every player 5 free TP every day, that is nice enough. However, that accrued TP won't ever review 5.


Make certain spent your accrued free TP every day, preferably on Megaphones (1TP) and Soul Crystals (4TP).


Tokens are Team-wide


This beautiful much means server-wide. Benefits will affect all figures around the server the Token was utilized on.


Map completion nets you EXP rewards


I love EXP Cards. You most likely like EXP Cards. Why don't you have more EXP Cards?


Map completion is simply one method to the internet a little extra EXP Cards quietly, should you get sound advice.


The Wings of Vibora NPC in metropolitan areas is really a valuable ally, and she or he will spend rewards for the progress in adventuring. She provides EXP Cards for 100% map completion, killing an adequate amount of individual mobs, and provides Tree Of Savior Silver for generally progressing your Adventure Log (F4 key).


Collections give server-wide stat enhancements


If you have found Collections in your travels, you're ready to go to a city's Magic Association NPC.


Obtaining a Collection item initiates the gathering and after that you set the required products (that are dropped inside a Collection's region). When a Collection is finished, you receive its specified permanent stat gain.


Should you begin to lag so bad NPCs will not speak with you, try altering your funnel


Unsure why this works, however it does more frequently than you'd think.


This does not always work, but it is certainly solved the problem greater than a couple of occasions. More populated channels are naturally more lag-infested, but may just alter in one to a different can provide you with that leeway to obtain an NPC to speak to you. Try it out the next time you are lagging out.

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