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Tree of Savior: moving on to greener pastures

Yep, moving on to greener pastures, well, the pastures around here is nothing but sand, bones, and death. But pretty much, did what I needed to do. Eliminated many, many white knights, helped my brother Doom-Lords and my companions the Hue Knights. Thus ultimately helped seal this games fate.


With the insurmountable evidence I was able to find by reading thousands upon thousands of posts, on here, reddit, and even steam, I came to the conclusion that the game is pretty much, dead. Well, its in its death throes yes, but all evidence points out that this game is pretty much a Cash Grab for IMC, to try and milk as much from the whales and those giving the game a shot for awhile, then leave when they see all the bad.


Tree of Savior: moving on to greener pastures


Now to note, I do not mind all the faults, I honestly seen somewhat, problems in other mmos, and they died quick. I actually LIKE this game. Hell I was gonna level a Palaquisitor to be able to greatly help whichever guild on Orsha wants me. Well I joined such a guild but, me and its leader had a difference of opinion, he pretty much claimed that the entirety of every, ToS, related board, all players on it, mostly do not know what they are talking about and that if he says something is fine, but over 100 players says it isnt, then those 100 players obviously must be wrong.


Cuz Logic right?


Anyway, dont worry ill provide a TLDR version. But damn, between the hacking, the cheating, the RMTing, the bad hotfixes, the broken updates, a whole buncha crap that if a developer/publisher gave one whit of a damn for, would have prevented most of this stuff from happening? Well just gotta say, this game wont last too long. Servers will eventually be consolidated. As the average goes down 100-300 a month, oh and apparently, the leader of such guild flat out said Steams own charts is lying. But as the average goes down, IMC is gonna care less and less, and will do whatever it takes to reduce costs while gaining maximum profit.


What this means? Well, more channels removed from more zones, consolidation of servers, and possibly using lesser hardware leading to more lag at certain peak times. It will basically keep getting worse, and tbh with you all? If IMC releases another fiasco of an update for Rank 9, they may as well put a bullet in this games head.


You know it sucks, I played RO in its Beta, I loved it for at least 5 years but got bored of it, then I wanted to come back but Renewal happened and I heard all the horror stories of it, so I kept away. I REALLY wanted ToS to succeed, hell id still be playing it, if the guild leader and the guild I was in didnt pretty much proved to me that the community is all around bad and it pretty much broke whatever hope I had in the game.


Welp, regardless. Playing ToS and Tree of Forums was fun. Sucks I couldnt see my Palaquisitor to endgame. I honestly really really like the build, and worked hard to level it, and I was looking forward to being able to help the guild with ET runs, and 315s or whatever they wanted to do. But welp, thats life. Most of the guild acted like kids anyway and im just too old to deal with people arguing and b.sing each other and wearing rose tinted goggles yanno? Alot of illogical banter went on in there and I always kept quiet, but I had enough.


Im sure theirs some decent guilds left in Orsha, but I honestly am too tired to look for one or to keep going, and tbh, a voice in the back of my mind keeps telling me its all a big waste of time in the end since 1. Game is dying, and 2. Dragon Quest X may finally come in the west, but likely not for at least a year unless SE, or Nintendo, or Sony, or whatever makes some surprise announcement but cmon, they either have to stagnate the updates and start us off between version 1.1 and 1.5 DQX is at version 3.4 btw, two expansions and Version 4.0 fourth expansion is coming so they can take some time to localize content for the west while catching us up to Japan, or take likely an entire YEAR, to translate all of the current game in English, Spanish, and at least French DQ Is very popular in france before giving it to us.


Either way, I wanted to take the journey down to the eventual Hell this game is going with a guild, but eh, guess it aint happening. Thus I no longer need to be on this board. Thanks for all the fun and laughs guys, it was fun. Thank-you Doom-Lord Brothers, thank-you Hue Knights for bringing me such joy. Was a pleasure. 


TLDR Version. Game is dying. Evidence shows IMC does not care. Game is a cash cow, no guild to be in so no point playing. Really loved my Palaquisitor. Thank-you Hue Knights and Doom Lords all been great. Have fun everyone. 

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