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Tree of Savior: I was playing in the European server

I was playing in the European server, nevertheless I ended for the North American tried in view of the massive absence and I disillusion. There are too many reasons as in order that in Europe (probably, here there are perceived more that in other places) the game is not having successful that should have.


Reasons? We would need a list of the size and pages of some sacred book, beginning for the already renowned problem that exists with the schedule GvG (Europe has too many different time slots as to fix certain hour and nobody to be for the alternative of a few free GvG to certain day of the week), others as the ping (a great territory for an alone servant will give like proved problems in more remote certain persons, for example, it is as if the South American and North American servers they were alone one), the barrier of the language (they say that Englishman speaks the whole world, it is a mistake, Europe is too mixed as in order that the whole personnel knows it. It is as if we were putting to koreans, Chinese and Japanese in the same server; in this aspect, probably the solution would be to place channels for every region of speech in the same servant).


Tree of Savior: I was playing in the European server


It is not necessary that it enumerates the problems that already the own video game drags and that IMC makes deaf ears (I wait for it, equal we take some surprise to ourselves and ... huehue), from the optimization (is a bit pathetic that video games that need computers of the NASA work better than this), the balance of classes and skills (it is a false illusion of which you have to choose diverse professions, since ultimately only you will use the last one because it will be the only one that works to high levels. It is the price to paying for putting skills with numerical fixed values instead of applying percentages on parameters of the character.


8000matk vs. 200matk ... it is not also that it helps that they should not facilitate at least a small restart for the R7 in the latter case with the R8), the lack of elements of amusement (for example, PK and permanent and opened PVP), the absence of elements of motivation (extremely quantities of xp to raise every level from lvl150 or that in the dungeons and instances, only you obtain garbage in the shape of talt or slightly worse after every round), the hordes of bots and hosts of goldsellers (is so complicated to put Captcha's system with random keyboard that automatically it does ban to three attempts when it is answered wrongly? Not, now with one channel is worse, only and surprise! It is conquered for bots).


But especially, the stupid restrictions that the game of face has between users token with that not (not to allow exchange of objects or since is the use of the market, use of team storage or to enable certain aspects only from certain levels. It is obvious that the people finish for getting bored before managing to be able to use the above mentioned characteristics). Is really pathetic to locate jobs of manufacturing with those of use in combat (in the majority of RPG's the same character has both capacities of a parallel way without having to remove one or other one). And this way, heaps of more things (Excrulon and others abandon the support for this game because these things).


The question here that we owe of doing ourselves is how still the game is online. Them Whiteknights?. The players' lack produces an effect butterfly with other aspects, such it is an example the party for dungeons or the lack of objects on the market (though with the restrictions that exist, the question is since there are things to the sale when nobody can sell without passing for IMC's cash box. Probably I be a bit silly and still play, but already we will... See you in the next feature!.

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