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Joining the adventure has never been easier in One Tamriel, the latest update for The Elder Scrolls Online. This completely free update gives you more options than ever before. Whether you are a hardened veteran of the wilds, or a new explorer looking to find yourfortune, One Tamriel brings you all together. ESO new level-scaled environment allows you to adventure anywhere with anyone at any time. Read on and find out how you can join the world of Tamriel together in ESO latest game update for PC and Mac!


ESO team here at ZeniMax Online Studios has been working hard to bring Update 12 to ESO players. You will now have the chance to explore any part of the world once you exit the tutorial! This mechanic creates a truly open world for all characters no matter how long you have been playing or what alliance you chose. yourcharacter's level will scale to the zone in which they're adventuring. This freedom has always been at the heart of The Elder Scrolls franchise and we are very excited to make it part of ESO game experience.

Even better, One Tamriel is included with Update 12 at no cost for ESO players. To commemorate the One Tamriel and Update 12 launch on PC and Mac, enjoy a peek into what awaits in ESO“Introducing One Tamriel" video.


One Tamriel
Craglorn Updates
Normal & Veteran Dungeons
Weapon Ultimates
Champion Points
A Little Something Extra
Update 12 Crown Store Offerings
New Wallpaper


Have you ever wanted to join ESO friends in an online game, but faced the daunting task of catching up to their level? Or have you wished that you could adventure in Tamriel alongside friends and guildmates who are in another alliance? One Tamriel changes the game so that grouping with characters of different alliances and levels is easy. Gone are the days of needing to make an alt in order to play with friends due to a difference in levels and/or alliance. We have removed alliance restrictions for all PVE areas of the game—now Daggerfall Covenant characters can quest with their rivals in the Aldmeri Dominion. Even the Ebonheart Pact can get involved. Don't worry, you can still battle in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City! and you can send eos gold to your friend!

This open-world freedom doesn't end with questing and exploring the far reaches of Tamriel. One Tamriel also expands yourability to find groups to explore dungeons or take on Trials. It also opens the door for more diverse groups to adventure together, so you can begin forging yourlegend from Eastmarch to Shadowfen and beyond. If you've already explored every corner of Tamriel, consider taking a new adventurer out with you and show them the ropes—yourcharacters will scale to any zone you wish to visit.


This group zone has been re-designed so that some of the content can now be played solo, including the main story. The remaining group content has been scaled down so that you and a friend can tackle any challenge with just the two of you. We have even removed the group number restrictions. We understand these are a lot of changes, so you will be able to complete all of the quests in Craglorn even if you have done them before!

Now that it's much easier to form a group, grab a few friends to take on delves and world bosses for new rewards and achievements! The loot throughout Craglorn and all over Tamriel has been updated so that you'll get something worthwhile for yourcharacter's level no matter where you are. Learn more about this in ESO itemization section below, or check out ESO Craglorn Guide for a summary of all the changes.


Nothing beats the clash of swords and the flash of spells, especially when you can challenge anyone you come across to a duel. You can now initiate a one-versus-one fight by using the /duel command. You're able to duel against another player anywhere in a non-PVP overland zone, even cities. If you don't wish to be challenged to duels, you can go to yourSocial Panel and select an auto-decline for duels. Here are a few additional details to prepare you for yourfirst duel:

Duels begin with a countdown. Once they begin, no one else is allowed to influence the duel with outside healing or buffs. Be careful dueling near monsters—you cannot cancel a duel, and monsters can still attack you while you're engaged in a duel.
There will be a dueling radius that you must stay in. Look for the flag in the center of yourdueling radius for reference. If you leave the radius you forfeit the duel!
The duel ends when you are down to 0 hit points. You can choose to take a free resurrection or accept a resurrection from another player.
There are new achievements for winning certain amounts of duels.
Dueling is also a great way to test character builds, equipment set-ups, and hone yourcombat skills. Simply team up with a friend, initiate the duel, and see how yourcharacter sizes up in action before you hit the Alliance War, dungeons, or Trials. You can even create an event out of it—grab yourguild and host dueling tESOnament in Hammerdeath Arena, or any other spacious area. For more details about dueling, check out ESO handy dueling guide.

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