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ToS Velcoffer’s Nest Silver Farming Full Guide

It's harder and harder to make enough ToS Silver in the game, so players need to find more methods to make money in Tree of Savior. So I am going to show you a very cool way to farm silver - Velcoffer's Nest, which is a new kind of Legend raid where you can obtain materials to produce Velcoffer equipment.


Velcoffer's Nest shares its entry limit with Earth Tower and other Legend raids (Legend raid entry counts will be reset during this maintenance to accommodate for that).


ToS Velcoffer’s Nest Silver Farming Full Guide


is 2 occasions per character just create brand new ones why ppay for reroll owing to strong equipment being shared from your figures and when you party perform the same you need to simply create two more, and there's no requirement for 100% attribute for this, with moderate degree of attribute that's fair cheap should you match up against the 28kk/week it might be much better much more since doing 3 val ought to be cheaper and quicker than farming 3kk /day with individuals 3 character, the only real bad thing is the 2 extra slots but let's be true, who doesn't have 2 extra slot today? the game already begin with 4, so there's no reason in having to pay for 28kk in rerolling if you have a set party to get it done, since everybody simply need to copy paste their char and if you don't get it, it ought to be harder to locate other players each week but nonetheless quicker than farming.


I haven't read all of the thread, however, I think it is odd that nobody every considered of easy copying pasting their character using their party! and do more value each day should you create 3 figures and do every single day one value you alone would don't need to reroll any longer and it will need under an hour or so each day if you decide to go past it, it fails haha!.


less farming less difficulty and you may always break the additional pieces that drop should you not utilize it too after which chill another hour of the gameplay, because you play 2hours each day as if you stated or you actually want to go in internet marketing, just create more character and employ your 2hours/day gameplay doing val together with your fixed party, you will be able to obtain the gear really fast!.


but for the extra poor ones but nonetheless possess a fixed party you may also develop a cookie build AA party that doesn't need strong attributes and straightforward run as numerous val you would like your group are designed for each day because the only restricting factor could be character slot!


it was exactly why ages ago whenever we had individuals multiple threads about discussing trans set I had been against it however, today are new occasions, so why wouldn't you utilize it? if you're able to obviously, imc appears to possess not considered this scenery yet, however, I expect later on the raids to become restricted to TEAM like 10-20 o possibly even 30times per week, however nowadays isn't like this so if you're a real hardcore player it is now time is the best as well as exceed the whales who are able to not play and “only” “pay”, because reroll on cube there's a restriction of three per cube, and character is 45 if I am not mistaken!.


however you aren't a val fan and wish “MONEY” so that you can power up individuals last 20 amounts of attribute, simple: exactly the same should apply if you have an excellent strong character(WEAPON/EQUIPS) with fixed buddies, simply do it however with solmiki and never val then sell pieces at average/cheap, I bet there are lots of players outhere who desires a solmiki set but doesn't wish to play excessively onto it which means you may even think about this as “farming” together with your buddies and dominate the marketplace, however, the cost I truly do mean cheap, not individuals so known as rerolling prices!! however , cheap so both you and your buddies sell the max quantity of Valmiki everyone can before everybody start doing the work since as hardcore players, there's pointless not to achieve this since the strategy here's done then sell the max you are able to since when i wrote and considered it, I there were other people who did exactly the same and also have the tools to complete it, therefore the technique is to get it done then sell fast prior to the market begins to saturate by using it!.



bad I happen to be removed from the games for a long time and all sorts of close buddies stopped playing too because we'd really have fun at this time if everybody was playing!


this “NEW” farming method should earn for both you and your buddies much more money than every other current farming method today, a minimum of whenever we take a look at reroll prices for individuals raids or any other options for auction on this publish for instance someone pointed out cm until nv 6 for any cm nv 6 such as this you require 30 min, where with this particular time you may be doing another val for nearly the equivalent some time and skipping 10m of rerolling or solmiki.


These are I know about farming silver with Velcoffer's Nest, and I think, you guys can make more money if you do as I say, moreover, if you are going to buy Tree of Savior Silver, just visit our website to purchase some, we will always be your best support.

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