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TOS Simple fix for “Failed to download pak files” errors

I will show you how to fix this annoying "Failed to download pak files" errors.
Note: After this patch the number has been changed, use 11460 instead.

Step 1: Find the patch folder and copy the lastest ipf number in this folder (for example mine is 11372). SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\patch

tos error Screenshot
Step 2: Open and paste the number to "release.revision" in release folder. Save and launch the game. It will try to patch and "Failed to download pak file" again, remember the file's number (here is 11385).

tos error Screenshot
tos error Screenshot
Step 3: Paste the number in step 2 to "release.revision", launch the game, enjoy :grin:
tos error Screenshot

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