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ToS (Cleric) Paladin - Inquisitor Build

Welcome to my (Cleric) Paladin - Inquisitor build for Tree of Savior new players, I think most of the newcomers would be so confused about the skills, which is the most complicated part of this game, so I'd like to share some of my personal experience below:  


Inquisitors deal incredible physical damage and also have some fantastic AOE abilities because of Breaking Wheel and God Smash.


ToS (Cleric) Paladin - Inquisitor Build


Paladin forces your damage with Conviction while dealing significant damage with Smite while offering some helpful defensive and offensive utility because of Resist Elements and Barrier.


Rating of Class 1-10 (my opinion):

Single Target: 8.5

Area of Effect: 6

Durability: 8

Solo: 8

Team: 7



- Amazing single target damage

- Amazing both solo and in groups

- Has resurrection

- Easy to play

- Flexible Rank 7 choices (See further below)



- Extremely Sp hungry

- Circle 1-6 can be fairly boring because you only have a few skills

- Not too powerful until Rank 6+


Stat Distribution:


- 0 to 50 CON

- 110 DEX

- Rest into STR


Varying CON depending on how tanky you want to be or how much you wish to invest on headgear hp enchants.


110 DEX brings you slightly over 150 DEX with monstrance, which ends up being where you gain the most amount of attack speed before diminishing returns starts to kick in.


Rank 7 is also flexible, your options are:


Kabbalist - Limitless SP from Ein Sof which completely solves SP trouble for yourself and the other player rotating between one another. I would recommend using this unless of course you intend on heavily purchasing gear and attributes so things die much faster.


Monk - More single target damage with fairly good filler attacks, however, is extremely SP Hungry because you will not have Ein Sof. Better Boss killing power with Monk.


Priest Circle 2 - Mass Heal and Revive, more support orientated.


Skill Distribution:


You will notice that some circles don't have 15 points invested, that's because you can save points from the same class and invest them in the next circle.




10/10 Heal, literally Clerics best spell in the game, every cleric maxes this.


10/10 Cure, Is actually quite strong even as a non Int focused build thanks to Maces now having Magic Attack as a main stat affected by Transcendence.


4/10 Safety Zone, Four points is enough thanks to the +20 Block Attribute.


5/5 Divine Might, A great skill because it causes your next x amount of skills (x depends on Divine Might level) to be +1 level higher.


1/5 Fade, One point is enough for removing aggro so you can interact with objects or avoid some ground spells.




5/5 Monstrance, A 5-minute duration buff (with attributes) that gives 30% + 10 Dexterity, the reason why we pick Priest at this circle.


5/5 Resurrection, Huge utility spell, amazing in ET and can save players exp or items in dungeons.


Remaining 5 points don't matter unless you plan on going Priest C2 at rank 7.




15/15 Smite, An extremely strong attack against Mutant and Devils and still quite good against everything else. Low cooldown but fairly high mana cost.


10/10 Demolition, Paladins new skill added in the Rank 9 patch. Can only be used with 2h Maces and takes 1 second to charge. A really good skill that really helps physical clerics lack aoe.


5/5 Conviction, The main reason you decide to go, Paladin, it does not condition it however it really increases harm to your strike skills with the addition of another type of attack having a different modifier with respect to the skill used (In my opinion God Smash is 80% more damage for instance). Plus it increases damage taken by Element and Poison damage which will help out people you are grouped with, and it also deals very good damage itself with 3 overheats.


5/5 Barrier, A pretty good utility spell, quite useful in certain scenarios like the Torch in Missions, has several great attributes.


3/15 Restoration, Since it lasts a few minutes and also the base hp recovery was elevated drastically it's worth spending learning.


2/15 Turn Undead, Deals magic damage inside a cone before you and it has an opportunity to instantly kill Demons and Mutants. Presently has a characteristic that may convert opponents into allies (only non-elites), bear in mind you will not get exp or drops from converted monsters.


Remaining 5 points could be committed to either Turn Undead to combine targets hit, Restoration for greater Hp Recovery or Resist Elements for that defensive buff as well as for lowering bosses magic resist.


Kabbalist (If Taken):


5/5 Ein Sof, The reason Kabbalist is an option for the build. When cast it lays a tile on the ground that can be picked up by yourself or another player, at level 5 it gives 100% more Hp for 35 seconds. 


Exactly why it is so good is due to its 'SP Recovery' Attribute which exchanges 1 / 2 of the Hp increase for Sp Recovery rather (that always replenishes all of your SP). This solves all of your SP problems yet others you group with and that means you will not have to spend anything at all on potions.


5/5 Revenge Sevenfold, Buffs yourself, group people and allied constructs (like Pears of Anguish) and results in the following hit received to simply be 1 damage and reflects 50% x7 back in the target. This skill can result in some very high burst and is among the explanations why a lot of people think PvP is unbalanced.


Monk (If Taken):


5/5 Double Punch, Reason why you go Monk at rank 7, for the filler attack and bonus strike damage debuff.


5/5 Palm Strike, Another filler attack that has potential to increase your overall damage thanks to its bleed attribute.


5/5 Hand Knife, Not an entirely powerful attack on its own but with the armor break attribute it has a very high chance to reduce an enemies armor to zero for 3 seconds.


Priest (If Taken):


5/5 Revive, Another great utility spell like Resurrection, if a player reaches 0 hp while Revive is on them they avoid death, heal to 25% (at level 5) and take no damage for 5 seconds.


5/5 Mass Heal, The second % healing spell in the game, when used it heals you and anyone in a fairly large radius in front of you in a circle.




10/10 God Smash, Your most powerful Physical attacks. Scales incredibly well has good AoE and deals much more damage after Conviction and Double Punch. Includes a new attribute that Inquisitor C2 can learn which in turn causes it to manage 30% more harm to Demon opponents by 30%, that is very helpful against all opponents after using Judgement.


1/10 Pears of Anguish, This skill got altered within the Combat update, the quantity of pears no more scale with levels and just increases its attack multiplier per level. Will still be quite good against mage opponents but no more single shot monster rapist.


1/5 Breaking Wheel, This skill also got altered within the Combat update, the duration and sturdiness no more scales with levels and just increases its attack multiplier per level by around 4.5%.


7/10 Malleus Maleficarum, is yet another great spell that does not entirely condition what it really does. It doesn't only deal very good damage that scales with just how much Magic Attack the enemy has but additionally debuffs it making the prospective take more damage all sources for the way much Magic Attack it's too. 7  points help make the debuff have 100% uptime.


1/5 Judgement, Turns opponents into Demon type which in turn causes a Holy attack and certain skills like Smite and God Smash (using the attribute) to manage its bonus damage. 5 Points will not last long enough for 2 God Smash cooldowns sadly.


Remaining points could be invested into any mixture of Breaking Wheel, Malleus Maleficarum or Judgement (for an additional group of Smite hits as the debuff expires). Personally, I opted for just maxing Breaking Wheel since my Inquisitor has some fairly heavy investment although the scaling is not exceptional per point, the harm between level 1 and 10 is noticeable.


Important Attributes to level asap:


Cleric - Safety Zone: Block Count

Priest - Monstrance: Duration

Priest - Resurrection: Revive Count

Paladin - Barrier: Increased Radius

Inquisitor - Breaking Wheel: Additional Damage

Inquisitor - God Smash: Demon Punisher


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