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Some Words from the Soul to Goddess Laima

Dear Laima,


I'm sorry my beloved goddess Laima, I tried. I really did.

Please don't shed any more tears over me.

On that day, when you told me that I was special and the one you were waiting for changed my life forever. (Granted you also said that to like thousands of others too....)

I was happy to choose the hard road in hopes to reach and see you one day.

I was just a young wizard and I felt my calling towards the long lonely road as a Cryomancer.

You said that I would be helpful later down the road when I met with others who would need my ice skills.

I was not very strong, not very fast. My DPS was laughed at, even mocked at by others. I wanted to quit, but you needed me.

It must've been your blessings that I managed to get myself a ice rod and upgrade it to +9 with no potential loss. I wanted to try for higher, but you told me to not become power hungry and lose sight of my journey.

With every revelation I retrieved, I could feel your voice and presence give me strength and courage to persevere.

On dark and lonely nights, I took out a revelation to have a glimpse of your beauty and wondered how I was chosen for more.


What lied ahead was a gruesome grind.

I met friends, made friends, but I lost them all eventually.

I still have one more friend, but we're too far apart to help each other anymore. We've drifted apart since going off on our own paths to become stronger.

But you were right about me becoming a Cryomancer. I was indeed helpful.

Who'd ever imagine that a Frost Tree and Ice Wall could mean the difference between life and death....and dps?!


Along my journey to Fedimian, I met a very pretty lady that reminded me of you. Her name was Lucid Winterspoon and she said I possessed the capability of becoming a Chronomancer. As the Chronomaster, she strictly trained me over and over again until I reached the third rank when she taught me the most valuable Chrono skills of them all: Pass and Backmasking. With Quicken and Haste, my dps was no longer totally laughable as I was able to deal damage out at a slightly higher rate... But Pass?! I could cast my skills almost twice as fast and not worry about being not useful to the party.


Some Words from the Soul to Goddess Laima


There was a coveted staff called Audra that was said to grant more skills for Cryomancers. I had saved up all I had to buy the recipe. I found out later than the other savior ripped me off for it, but I was willing to pardon his greedy heart.


But I still wasn't that strong, just useful...

I hit a road that I could not cross. Even using all my skills, I could not kill monsters with ease. I was reduced to doing daily mini tasks and dungeon runs. I eventually got a max petamion, but that didn't make me any stronger.


Then a rumor floated around.

There was special hack to make saviors stronger without having to expend the extra effort, or time.

A lot of money was involved and a lot of saviors got hooked onto it. It was an addiction for many.

Saviors started spending money wildly to obtain more power, status, wealth.

They could also make gains without actually playing or investing real efforts or gains.

There were monsters far worse than what Giltine had summoned.

These monsters, called bots and AFK farmers, ruined the markets, hoarded resources, and reduced most saviors' ability to stay competitively healthy.


IMC promoted an environment where saviors couldn't win without cheating.

Cheating guilds laughed at the legit guilds. Cheating players laughed at the legit players. And GMs were nowhere to be found in times of crisis. There was a temporal timespace called TBL that allowed saviors to test their skills against each other, but even there the cheating had taken its roots.


It seemed that with every passing day, the corruption among saviors spread.


My heart greatly grieved and my soul wept.

I knew that this was not in your will or forecast, Laima.

I refused to be a part of the filthy hardcore cheating saviors.

I talked it over with my masters about my conflict.


The Cryomaster told me that I was one of his best disciples and understood my pain of repeated disappointments. He offered me his job if it meant I would stay and think things through. I replied with a smile telling him no one could ever replace him and his dignified presence.


I will miss him dearly.


The Chronomaster was greatly distraught over my decision to leave my journey, but I told her that I could no longer continue in a journey where I could not survive without cheating. I had done the best I could to help others.


I begged for forgiveness as she spent a lot of time ( and took a lot of my silver...) with me to make me even a little bit stronger than yesterday.

She forgave me, but only if she could send me off while I was wearing my bunny boy costume.


I ended my journey with thank you and good byes to some of the folks I visited most often. They were sad to see me go, but wished me all the best for my future in my journey called 'Back to Real Life Leveling.'


First I thanked Mirina, the Item Seller. All those scrolls, anvils and firewood. I'm sure I gave her a significant amount of silver. She witnessed all my success and failures in upgrading.


Next was Mr. Blacksmith, who always repaired my gears at a decent price.


Leticia's revealing outfit always did bring in the business for IMC. She was great at convincing saviors to buy from her. I always spent my free 5 TP on one soul crystal and one megaphone. While my attempts at haggling always failed, she never failed to give me a refreshing smile.


I will miss telling Wings of Vibora stories of my adventure, monsters and map explorations. She's like the older sister I've always wanted - gave me silver and exp cards to help me on my way and make my hardships just a little bit more rewarding.


Last, but not least.

I thought I'd try my luck at a love confession.

She was out of my league, but I had nothing to lose.

The Peltasta Master - I don't even know her name Q.Q

I always saw her whenever I visited Master Aleister.

She turned me down politely saying that she admired my young feelings, but already had a love - her job.


I'm glad I got to see her before I left.

It's nice to know that no one will ever have her heart, though I'm sure she's broken many in her years.


Please don't cry for me.

I may be gone, but there are still good saviors out there who will make it to you one day and rescue you.

Your revelation will be fulfilled, but that savior won't be me.

My journey was enriching and I have discovered many things about myself.

Thank you for choosing me.

I will always have you in my prayers.

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