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See What A Bot Looks Like in Tree of Savior

I see GM in public chat on Klaipeda for the first time, he is saying that bot hunt is happening and GMs are on the move!


Sometime later I use megaphone and suggest that GM should come to bee farm as it's always filled with bots.


Eventually IMC in-game GM comes to bee farm and bans me 1-3 minutes later. When he first arrived he seemed confused, he wasn't sure who he should ban or how to proceed. He literary asked some players around for advice. I felt like he might go full derp so I opened up my bandicam & started recording shortly after:


See What A Bot Looks Like in Tree of Savior


I know for a fact that GM didn't check my characters statistics, since I don't spend more than 5-10 minutes at bee farm per day. That ban was not based on statistics in any way. He literally banned me because I stayed silent.


I rarely read chat when grinding, that was not the case tho. So why didn't I reply? I didn't feel like it. I don't reply to players often, GMs are no different.


When I play and support MMOs (monetary & by bringing traffic) I expect those games to meet some industry standards, otherwise there is no point staying around. I no longer have any desire to play or support this game.


TOS is filled with restrictions (more gets added)

TOS AntiBot system is very questionable

Silver is at its lowest value and getting cheaper day by day

Bots still roam everywhere even after public access gets closed

Player retention is low

IMC turns to janitors (moderators with no actual experience when it comes to game development) who cant even bother to check character info or use some program to determine if one is a bot based on statistics

Dont reply to GM - get banned! Well deserved!


Basically IMC HUMANS perform WORSE than their antibotting software. Yet they keep posting bot banlists that don't even affect bots in the slightest. I bet you didn't know that they're doing it for PR to satisfy blood-rage of retards. Basically great 10/10 community.


To be honest I think I have experienced TOS to the fullest, and I have done everything that I wanted so far.


-Got founders access (About $150 more or less)

-Got few of my friends to join

-Got my desired rank

-Maxed out all attributes

-Got all the items I wanted


Thanks to developers who actually made this game, it was fun. Me and my friends are long gone, can't say we plan on coming back.


Have fun in TOS guys. Remember to never question authority and keep shilling, customer is always wrong.



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