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Is it possible to reset Skills/Stats on Tree online Siler

Hi fellow ToS lovers! I've searched around the web and this reddit, but all posts regarding skill and stat resets (usually suggesting getting iCoins from the journal NPC and then buying scrolls at the item shop) all seem to apply to the iCBT only. At least, I can't find a way to get those scrolls on krToS. Any ideas?

Is it possible to reset Skills/Stats on Tree online Siler

Skill Reset Potion is 88 TP in the TP Shop. You can also get a free Skill Reset Potion from the current event, by attending 15 days in a row.

No word on Stat Resets.

The previous information applied to the CBT versions of ToS. You no longer get iCoins/TP from Adventure Journal rewards, instead you get Tree online Siler.


The word on stat reset is "Stat reset scrolls were in Closed beta exclusively for testing purposes."

They do not want stat resets in game.


Do you mean the Adventure Journal not giving rewards? I'm not sure if that's been fixed, but I used it recently and got rewards from it so I guess its working fine, for me at least.

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